About Sinai Hospital in Baltimore

Over a Century of Innovative, Compassionate Care

For more than 150 years, Sinai Hospital has been committed to the principles of inclusion, innovation and caring for the whole person. Founded as a 10-room hospital built to serve the needs of Jewish patients and doctors in 1866, Sinai has grown to meet the needs of the greater community, providing compassionate, cutting-edge healthcare across the medical spectrum. With 483 beds, Sinai is the largest community hospital in Maryland.


Beyond the hospital, Sinai offers patients the opportunity to connect digitally with their providers and receive care at several community locations throughout the area. Our award-winning specialists draw patients from around the city, state, country and globe, treating every person who comes to us for care with warmth and respect. As a nonprofit teaching hospital, Sinai provides training for more than 140 residents and 400 medical students yearly.

Our Mission

Sinai Hospital’s mission is to maintain and improve health, to be favored by the greatest number of patients and physicians, to offer compassionate, high quality, cost-effective health services and to provide undergraduate and graduate medical education, regardless of age, race and ethnicity, emphasizing Jewish values of community concern for all.

Our Vision

Building upon its Jewish heritage, exceptional clinical strengths and history of service, Sinai will emerge as a unique institution in the Maryland healthcare marketplace and be a model for the nation by being a comprehensive healthcare provider.

History of Sinai Hospital

In response to widespread antisemitism faced by Jewish doctors and patients, Sinai Hospital was founded in 1866 as a community hospital which would provide treatment and education regardless of age, race, ethnicity or gender.


Learn about the work and history of the Sinai Mitzvah Foundation, which helps engage Sinai’s community through educational initiatives, hospital programs, financial support and more.

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Sinai Hospital leadership guides our organization to ensure that our patients, employees and visitors are being served in accordance with our mission, vision, and values.

Patient Info

Sinai Hospital is committed to providing exceptional experiences and service to patients and visitors. View important information and prepare for your visit.


We provide information on a wide variety of Hospital, health, and wellness issues via several publications.

Helpful Resources

HIPAA Notice

Please review the HIPAA notice documents carefully to address any questions or concerns you may have about sensitive health information.

Patient Rights

We want to encourage you to speak openly with your health care team, take part in your treatment choices, and because we want you to think of yourself as a partner in your care, we want you to know your rights as well as your responsibilities during your stay at our hospital.

Bill of Rights

The Maryland Patient Bill of Rights are your rights and embody the mission of our Hospital.

Price Transparency

Our hospitals are committed to price transparency to help patients make informed decisions about healthcare costs.