The Sinai Mitzvah Foundation

Serving patients, families and the community.

The Sinai Mitzvah Foundation

The Sinai Mitzvah Foundation is a non-profit, volunteer organization whose values are based on the Jewish heritage of Sinai Hospital.

The mission of the Sinai Mitzvah Foundation is to promote healthy relations between Sinai and its community, to reach out through educational initiatives and hospital programs, and to provide financial support.

The Mitzvah Foundation is committed to serving the members of the Sinai community, the patients and their families.


What we do:

  • Hand-knitted caps for newborns
  • Pediatric recreation and comfort toys
  • Raise money to support educational initiatives, clinical research projects, hospital programs, equipment, and hospital construction and renovation projects
  • Baby closet - Essential items to support families in need
  • Celebratory holiday events

How we do it:

  • Newborn service - baby photos, baby bracelets and decorative birth certificates
  • Volunteer support for fundraising and programming
  • Sinai Mitzvah Foundation membership dues are our primary source of revenue

We Need You

Please join the members of the Sinai Mitzvah Foundation and be an essential part of Sinai Hospital. Your volunteer and financial support is vital to our organization. Members receive priority invitations to main events and fundraisers.

For more information, please contact us.