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Transforming ambition into achievement through vocational services and workforce development 

About VSP

VSP is a vocational rehabilitation and workforce development department at Sinai Hospital, a LifeBridge Health Partner. For over 55 years, VSP has provided vocational rehabilitation, workforce development services and employment opportunities to more than 300 individuals with disabilities and economic needs annually. VSP’s mission is to “maximize the employability of persons with significant barriers to employment through an array of workforce development services.” 

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Outcomes and Testimonials

Fulfilling employment not only leads to economic self-sufficiency but can also improve mental and physical health. Discover the transformative impact of our vocational services through the stories and achievements of our successful graduates. 

Vocational Services

After you have been referred to VSP by one of our collaborative partners, a single point of entry system (intake) will provide streamlined access to our complete array of services, which span our Seton Business Park facility and 30+ LifeBridge Health departments across Sinai Hospital, Northwest Hospital and Levindale. 


Adult services include:

  • Work Readiness at LifeBridge Health
  • Contemporary Office Technology Training
  • Job Placement Services


Youth services include:

  • Pre-Employment Transition Services (PreETS)
  • Work-Based Learning Services (Paid Internship)
  • Explore Work 

Referral Process and Eligibility for Vocational Services

Please note that individuals interested in one or more of VSP’s services must be referred from a funding source such as the Maryland State Department of Education Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS). Eligibility requirements will vary based on service.


Once a referral form is completed and forwarded to VSP with relevant background information, an appointment is scheduled for a one-on-one, comprehensive intake to explain VSP services, ensure eligibility and determine the most appropriate program match. 


For additional information regarding our referral process, please contact VSP’s Program Development Manager, Mira Appleby, at 443-955-7526 or mappleby@lifebridgehealth.org

Adult Services

VSP’s adult vocational services are designed to provide mature learners with the skills and resources needed to navigate a changing job market and achieve lasting career success.

Work Readiness at LifeBridge Health

The Work Readiness at LifeBridge Health (WRLBH) program is tailored for individuals struggling to secure or maintain employment, focusing on job readiness, skill development, appropriate work behaviors and retention skills through paid internship training and bi-weekly group meetings. WRLBH enhances task quality, production speed, stamina, attendance and interpersonal skills. Individuals who finish the program ready for a job can get help finding one, and those who need extra guidance are connected to the right support. 

Contemporary Office Technology Training

Contemporary Office Technology Training (COTT), a 17-week program using state-of-the-art equipment, provides progressive, performance-based instruction in industry-based clerical office procedures and computer applications using Microsoft Office Suite.  

Job Placement Services

Graduates of VSP training programs like WRLBH and COTT are eligible for job placement services. Initial support might include job development activities like job searching, interview preparation and application assistance. After graduates secure a position, VSP offers job retention support to ensure a smooth transition into employment. 

Youth Services

Youth services are provided to in-school Baltimore area youth. VSP offers career exploration and planning guidance, paid internships and support to high school students as they study or transition from school to post-secondary education or employment settings. 

Pre-Employment Transition Services (PreETS)

PreETS Job Exploration Counseling and Explore Work services help high school students with disabilities in the Baltimore area learn about different careers, understand their interests and learning styles and improve their ability to advocate for themselves while looking for jobs. They also learn how to recognize what accommodations they might need because of their disability and how to ask for them, setting them up for success in internships like VSP’s Work-Based Learning.

Work-Based Learning Services (Paid Internship)

Work-based Learning offers Baltimore area high school students with disabilities, ages 16 and older, a paid internship at LifeBridge Health. Interns participate in job readiness training within a LifeBridge Health department while building self-esteem, work behaviors and interpersonal relationships through a personalized development plan. 

Explore Work

Explore Work offers a personalized, interactive experience designed to help young people explore potential career paths through one-on-one sessions via Zoom and the Explore Work website. Participants engage in modules that uncover their interests, talents and job matches, and plan for their future beyond high school. The program introduces various work-based learning opportunities, including apprenticeships and internships, and enhances important soft skills and self-advocacy, preparing them for personal and professional success.

Workforce Development Services

The following programs are designed to serve the community by providing essential support and development opportunities to enhance employability and career success. They are made possible through grants and financial partnerships. You can apply for the PATH or HCA programs online. For Career Empowerment, the referral process is completed through the DOVE program at Northwest Hospital.  

Healthcare Careers Alliance Program

VSP’s Healthcare Careers Alliance (HCA) provides workforce development services to low-income, out-of-school young adults aged 18-24 in Baltimore City who have finished high school or have a GED and want to work in healthcare. Funded by the Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Employment Development, the program allows for career assessments, job readiness, life skills training, paid internship and work training, transitioning into permanent employment at LifeBridge Health or other local healthcare institutions or entrance into post-secondary training.  

Pathways and Training in Healthcare

The West Baltimore Renaissance Foundation funds VSP’s Pathways and Training in Healthcare (PATH) initiative to provide vital workforce development services to West Baltimore residents interested in healthcare-related training and employment. Through PATH, participants will determine a career direction, gain healthcare-related certifications and acquire work readiness through a paid internship at LifeBridge Health. Participants are offered job placement and retainment assistance when applying to LifeBridge Health or local employers. 

Career Empowerment

In partnership with LifeBridge Health’s Center for Hope DOVE Program, VSP offers the Career Empowerment program, an opportunity for individuals who have experienced domestic violence or other trauma to determine career direction and acquire work readiness and job search skills through paid LifeBridge Health internships. Participants are offered job placement and retainment assistance when applying to LifeBridge Health or local employers. Women’s barriers are identified and addressed through wrap-around support services, including financial assistance with childcare and bus passes, as needed. 

Business Services Division

In addition to the Vocational Services Division, VSP operates a Business Services Division, which offers business support services to LifeBridge Health, government entities and private businesses.  


These services include:

  • Janitorial work
  • Digital printing
  • Digital publishing
  • Document and forms management
  • Direct marketing  
  • Mail processing, packaging and assembly


The Business Services Division provides jobs to over 140 individuals with disabilities and training to many others.