Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological Rehabilitation

Sinai Rehabilitation Center offers a comprehensive range of neurological rehabilitation services, including a full continuum of care for patients who have experienced brain injury. Our array of programs includes both day treatment, outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation.



restore inpatient brain rehabilitation

RESTORE! Inpatient Brain Rehabilitation

RESTORE! Inpatient Brain Rehabilitation at Sinai Rehabilitation Center helps patients recover and restore important skills after brain injury or illness.

RETURN! Community Re-Entry Program

RETURN! Brain Injury Community Re-entry Program

This intensive neurorehabilitation day treatment program offers approximately nine weeks of daily treatment designed to help patients regain the functionality needed to return to work, school or responsibilities at home.


return to work vocational re entry program

RETURN! To Work Vocational Re-Entry Program

This program helps provide vocational services to adults who’ve sustained brain injury, offering the rehabilitative care, competitive placement and ongoing support needed for returning to the workforce.

mild brain injury program

Mild Brain Injury Program

Our coordinated mild brain injury care team provides outpatient rehabilitative services to patients who have recently sustained brain injury as well as those whose mild brain injury-induced symptoms have not subsided over time.