West Baltimore Renaissance Foundation Program Funding Grants

Focused on our community

Program Funding Grants

The WBRF seeks proposals to support innovative programs and the provision of needed services that meet community needs, serve West Baltimore residents (see WBRF Target Area) and fit within the portfolio areas of the foundation. The WBRF will also consider requests that include resident engagement components to help communities define better solutions to systemic problems to help inform a program or policy.


To be considered, the WBRF invites Letters of Interest from eligible organizations summarizing their request. The letter should:

  • Identify the amount of funds needed from the WBRF as well as total costs of the program
  • Provide a brief overview of program objectives and planned activities
  • Identify any intended partners
  • Summarize the intended timeline and status of operations

Please reach out to WBRF staff at wbrf@lifebridgehealth.org to schedule a meeting if you intend to submit a Letter of Interest. The WBRF may decide to decline the request, partially fund or fully fund proposals.


Upon review, the WBRF may invite a full proposal from the organization for consideration by WBRF’s board of directors. Organizations invited to apply must provide a project budget, an organizational budget, documentation of tax-exempt and public charity status, copies of the most recent IRS 990 filings, and be in “Good Standing” with the State of Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation. All expenses utilizing funding from the WBRF must be documented with receipts and provided to WBRF as part of grant reports. The WBRF may request additional information and documentation as part of the application process.


Target Area:


Activities that may be funded by the WBRF should predominantly serve residents of West Baltimore. As a guideline, the WBRF emphasizes programs and activities that benefit individuals in zip codes 21223, 21217, 21216, and in the Baltimore City portions of 21229 in its grantmaking. Organizations applying for funds do not have to be located in these areas but all proposals must demonstrate community connectivity. Grant funded activities supporting individuals or programs outside the target zip codes are still eligible, will be considered on a case by case basis, but may not be prioritized by the WBRF.


Eligible Applicants:

  • Tax-exempt public charities under Sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Churches, but only for non-religious programs for the public
  • Public entities providing enhanced services in West Baltimore


Organizations that are invited to apply will be evaluated based on:

  • Project/program details including any WBRF Portfolio Priorities and Values that are addressed in the proposal as well as evidence of clear goals, objectives, timeline and implementation strategy
  • Capacity based on the scale of the proposal
  • Clear and trackable outcomes with meaningful and measurable participant/program data
  • Rational and balanced budget for expected program services
  • Community connectivity, engagement and lasting impact