NovaCare Rehabilitation Services

NovaCare, a LifeBridge Health Partner

NovaCare Rehabilitation, a LifeBridge Health Partner, specializes in physical therapy and rehabilitation services, offering treatment for a wide range of conditions, injuries, and illnesses.

The team of experienced physical therapists at NovaCare Rehabilitation work closely with patients to develop personalized treatment plans that are tailored to their unique needs. Whether you are recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or seeking to improve your overall physical health, NovaCare Rehabilitation can help.

Some of the services that are offered by NovaCare Rehabilitation include manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and specialized treatments for conditions such as sports injuries, chronic pain, and neurological disorders. The team also provides education and support to help patients manage their conditions and achieve their health goals.

In addition to providing physical therapy services, NovaCare Rehabilitation also offers a range of other healthcare services. These include occupational therapy, speech therapy, and specialized programs for seniors and children.

With a commitment to providing high-quality care and personalized attention, NovaCare Rehabilitation is a trusted provider of healthcare services for patients of all ages and backgrounds.