Pharmacy Residency: Why Sinai Hospital?

There are hundreds of options for places to do a post-graduate Pharmacy Residency.  What sets the program at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore apart from the others?  Here are some examples:

  • Sinai is the largest community hospital and third-largest teaching hospital in Maryland. The combination of a community-focus and teaching-focus has been described by many residents as "the best of both worlds" for a learning experience.
  • We individualize and customize each resident's learning experience for the year. An initial assessment and survey is done at the beginning of the year, then an individual plan is developed. Customized plans are updated quarterly. Preceptors give feedback to residents quite frequently, both formally and informally.
  • Residents are also given opportunities to self-assess and to give feedback on preceptors and learning experiences. All feedback is shared among preceptors to ensure a comprehensive experience with smooth transitions between rotations.
  • Each resident is paired with a preceptor before the residency year starts to serve as their mentor for the year. The mentor serves a role beyond a normal preceptor and offers additional guidance and support throughout the residency year. Also, for many projects, including the resident's research project, the resident is paired with a preceptor advisor to help guide and assist the resident through these assignments.
  • Involvement with local pharmacy schools: Our pharmacists precept IPPE and APPE students for Notre Dame of Maryland University and University of Maryland Schools of Pharmacy. Faculty members for Notre Dame School of Pharmacy utilize Sinai Hospital as their practice setting. The residents will have the opportunities to teach and share their knowledge with the students.
  • The dedication of the pharmacy department to the residency program may be our greatest strength. Our residency is constantly improving, based on feedback we receive and as the profession continues to evolve. We want the residents to have a positive experience while at Sinai and want them to succeed and achieve their goals.