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Making medicine mobile and accessible throughout the community

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Care that extends beyond the hospital


LifeBridge Health’s Care Happens Here mobile unit was developed to serve the medical needs of individuals and families within our communities. Our specially outfitted van provides direct access to basic healthcare services.


Serving neighborhoods in central Maryland, our mobile unit offers individuals and families the care they need by removing obstacles that effect access including lack of transportation and technology required for telehealth, financial difficulties to pay for care or prescriptions, and housing and food insecurity.

At LifeBridge Health, we’re meeting you where you are. Our mobile unit operates as a doctor’s office on wheels. The customized van includes a mobile treatment room equipped with clinical supplies and equipment found in a typical doctor’s office, including:


  • A full patient exam table that can accommodate pediatric patients.
  • Refrigeration and freezer space for storage of vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Technology and connectivity required to record data and support telehealth visits if patients require care from a provider in LifeBridge Health’s Virtual Hospital.
  • Infant scale as well as a regular scale for weighing children.
  • Privacy curtains and window tinting to protect patient privacy.
  • Eye-catching custom graphics that signify to area residents that Care Happens Here and resources are available.

How our unit operates

Care Happens Here visits are scheduled in advance. The van visits patients who are shown by data as being at the highest risk based on many factors, including age, chronic diseases, population density and social determinants of health.

The unit is staffed by a combination of physicians, nurses, community health workers and other team members. The staff's composition is customized depending on the patients scheduled for the day.

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The Care Happens Here mobile unit offers a variety of services, including:


  • COVID-19 testing
  • COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Immunizations
  • Medical care
  • Pediatric care
  • Annual physicals
  • Sports physicians
  • Referrals for medical and social services


Pilot program demonstrated need and results


The Care Happens Here unit was inspired and informed by a LifeBridge Health pilot program, which started at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Two repurposed patient transport vans visited more than 315 patients chosen because they were determined to be at the greatest risk for negative outcomes for COVID-19. More than 80% of these patients had abnormal blood pressure, more than 50% had three or more underlying chronic medical conditions, and more than 30% had not seen a primary care physician in over a year.

"The results of our pilot program spoke to a growing need in our communities that has to be addressed," says Sharon McClernan, vice president of clinical integration at LifeBridge Health. "Beyond the impacts of COVID-19 within these vulnerable populations, we saw alarming trends of people deferring care for other medical issues, and it was clear we needed to take a more personal approach to serving people's holistic needs in the home. The Care Happens Here unit is a perfect extension of our ongoing population health efforts throughout central Maryland.”


Want to know more?


Care Happens Here community visits are coordinated through our Population Health and pediatrics teams. We will soon have more information on how you can contact those teams if you are interested in having the van come to your community. Notable data:


  • Total Community Partners: 17
  • Total Pediatric Vaccinations: 1227
  • Chronic Disease Clinics: 60
  • Total Wellness Pediatric Clinics: 22
  • Total Wellness Visits: 50


Current partners:


  • YMCA
  • Green Street Academy
  • St. Francis Neighborhood Center
  • Enoch Pratt Free Library
  • Mayor's Office of Child and Family Success
  • Baltimore City Schools
  • Marketplace Fellowship and Churches
  • Lillie May Carrol Jackson Charter School
  • Pimlico Merchant Association
  • Baltimore County Schools

    What services are provided on the mobile unit?

    Annual physical, Sports physicals and Immunizations (routine and Covid). We are currently working on expanding services and adding diagnostic testing. If you have a specific need you would like to discuss please feel free to email Dr. Temitope Olumoko (Grace Ambulatory Clinic Manager), Tolumoko@lifebridgehealth.org and Trenitta Smith (Grace Director Ambulatory Services), Tsmith3@lifebridgehealth.org.

    How can I schedule the mobile unit to come to an organization or school?

    Email Dr. Temitope Olumoko (Grace Ambulatory Clinic Manager), Tolumoko@lifebridgehealth.org and Trenitta Smith (Grace Director Ambulatory Services), Tsmith3@lifebridgehealth.org.

    Do patients need to have insurance to receive care?

    Our pediatric provider will bill insurance if patients have coverage. if patients are uninsured a member of our team can work with patient to see if they qualify for state assistance (Medicaid MCO) and assist with enrollment. We also have a small fund we utilize towards charity care to cover the care costs of uninsured pediatric patients; our pediatric mobile team does not refuse services when on-site.

    I am interested, how do I get more information or engage your pediatric mobile team?

    For more information, please email Dr. Temitope Olumoko (Grace Ambulatory Clinic Manager), Tolumoko@lifebridgehealth.org and Trenitta Smith (Grace Director Ambulatory Services), Tsmith3@lifebridgehealth.org.