J.E.D.I. Champion of the Month: Robbin Alexander


The J.E.D.I. office would like to recognize Robbin Alexander for her contribution to LifeBridge Health’s justice, equity, diversity and inclusion efforts. Robbin is a Certified Lead Community Health Worker at Sinai Hospital. She just recently celebrated her twenty-four-year anniversary at Sinai!


Robbin creates a sense of belonging for everyone she meets. She has worked many years in HIV Services, always promoting a sense of equitable and inclusive care. Robbin goes above and beyond every holiday season by organizing and implementing the Adopt-A-Family Program at Sinai Hospital, which brings the whole hospital together, allowing the different departments to "adopt" a family in need. She meets every SPIRT value, every day.


Robbin, thank you so much for all you do and congratulations on being named J.E.D.I. Champion for March!


Please see below for a Q/A Robbin did with the J.E.D.I team.


Q1. How long have you been with LifeBridge Health and what is your current role?


A: I have been employed at Sinai Hospital for twenty-four years. I am a Certified Lead Community Health Worker.


Q2. You bring so much passion into the work you do — what motivates you?


A: I’m motivated by being able to help my clients obtain a suppressed viral load and live healthier lives. Seeing my clients and the community know there is a safe place for them to get the support and medical help needed to uplift the Park Heights community. Knowing my clients trust me to enrich their lives without judgement is very motivating. I love to see the joy they express when told they have accomplished a goal they have set for themselves. Knowing I am using my god given talents to help someone is extremely motivating.


Q3. When it comes to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, what are some of your aspirations for the LifeBridge Health community?


A: Since working here at Sinai, I have seen how LifeBridge Health has been an intercarpal part of the community and how it has continued to include and require the community and team members to have a stake in decision making for the Park Heights community. I think this is very important for LifeBridge Health, as the community will support and advertise the expertise of Sinai team members. I am happy to know that Sinai includes people from all walks of life into the LifeBridge Health system.


Q4. Since starting at LifeBridge Health, what have you found most rewarding?


A: For me, the most rewarding part of working at LifeBridge Health is coming to work knowing that I have been afforded the opportunity to make a positive impact in someone’s life. Being able to come work with people I love; my teammates are my second family. I am very passionate about the work that I do and most importantly I am thankful for the support of Sinai and how it has allowed me to make an impact in this community for change.