J.E.D.I. Champion of the Month: Mark R. Katlic M.D., M.M.M., F.A.C.S.


The J.E.D.I. office would like to recognize Dr. Katlic for his contribution to LifeBridge Health’s justice, equity, diversity and inclusion efforts. His innovative and important work with the aging surgeons program addressed an area of equity and inclusion that is often overlooked, and we want to celebrate his leadership in this space. Dr. Katlic continues to show initiative, dedication and drive and go above and beyond to promote equity and inclusion at LifeBridge Health.


Q1. How long have you been with LifeBridge Health and what is your current role?


A: I have been at LifeBridge Health nearly 13 years as chair of surgery. I also direct our Center for Geriatric Surgery and our Aging Surgeon Program, both of which I started after arriving here.


Q2. You bring so much passion into the work you do — what motivates you? What motivated you to develop the aging surgeons program?


As a Thoracic Surgeon I have always treated many cancer patients and many older adults. With respect to the Aging Surgeon Program, as a Chair I recognized that some surgeons continue operating longer than they should. An objective evaluation of an older surgeon’s physical and cognitive faculties did not exist, so I organized a team, and we built one.


Q3. Since starting at LifeBridge Health, what have you found most rewarding?


We care for such a diverse population of patients, homeless to millionaires, uneducated to Talmudic scholars, patients speaking a multitude of languages, some manifesting intricate tattoos and clothing, all just seeking compassionate, respectful care. I believe that I have treated all the same in the operating room and the clinic and being able to say that is a rewarding memory.