HelloBrave: Conveniently Connecting You to LifeBridge Health's Highly Rated Physicians


Does this scenario seem familiar? You end your workday and then realize that you forgot to schedule an important doctor's visit. Next, you call your physicians' office, discovering that the office closes at 4:30 (or earlier depending on the day of the week). For that reason, HelloBrave was developed. On October 7th, LifeBridge Health launched HelloBrave, an online scheduling platform that conveniently connects patients to LifeBridge Health's highly rated physicians.

HelloBrave is groundbreaking because it allows patients to schedule an appointment online for an in-person meeting with their current doctor or a new one. It takes a few clicks to find your doctor, schedule an appointment or vet a new doctor. Currently, 188 physicians offer online scheduling. Each day we add more physicians to the system so that patients can have access to some of Maryland's best doctors.

"We are the first in our market to deliver this true online experience," says Brian Deffaa, Chief Marketing Officer for LifeBridge Health. "HelloBrave is a one-stop shop that connects patients directly to physicians. Amazingly, the world of healthcare hasn't tackled this until now."

Nowadays, patients trust online sources to find a trustworthy physician. Beforehand, the preferred method was recommendations from family and friends. Consumers depend on online ratings first and use family and friends as a viable secondary source. HelloBrave features physicians with a 3.5-star rating and higher because patients deserve the best providers. Plus, we use every opportunity to highlight and celebrate outstanding individuals. Patients also have access to physician bios, photos, telephone numbers, office locations and detailed patient reviews. Patients can also filter doctors by their specialty.

Dr. Durand, Chief Innovation Officer and Chair of Radiology for LifeBridge Health, and his team, among many other groups across the organization, worked hard to ensure that accessibility and healthcare go hand-in-hand. Convenience and flexibility are what HelloBrave offers in a nutshell. It decreases the need to make phone calls and ensures that patients don't miss out on the opportunity to schedule an annual appointment, health screening or tackle other significant healthcare needs even during a busy workday.

If you'd like to take advantage of HelloBrave and schedule an appointment using our user-friendly search-to-schedule pathway, visit lifebridgehealth.org/hellobrave.