Give Back to Those in Scrubs: Celebrating Nurses Week


National Nurses Week Banner

Nurses Week (May 6 - May 12) is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to recognize those amazing folks in scrubs who make such a huge difference in our lives. Whether it’s a nurse in your family, a colleague or someone who’s cared for you, showing some appreciation is not just nice—it’s deserved!  


Here are some easy and heartfelt ways to say “thank you” to the nurses you know.


1. Pen a Note or a Thank You Card

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that hit right in the feels. Grab a pen and jot down a thank you card. Tell a nurse in your life how much you appreciated their support when you were under the weather, or just let them know you think they’re doing an excellent job!


2. Pick Out a Thoughtful Gift

Gifts are not a must, but they sure can bring a smile. Think about what might make a nurse’s day a bit easier or more enjoyable. Maybe a sturdy water bottle, some comfy compression socks or a cute coffee mug for their caffeine fixes. Or how about something for chilling out after a long shift, like a scented candle or a cozy throw blanket?


3. Feed Them!

With the crazy hours nurses work, finding time for a good meal can be tough. Dropping off some home-cooked food or grabbing something from a tasty spot can mean a lot.  


4. Celebrate Them Publicly

A little public praise can go a long way. Post a thank you message on social media, give them a shout-out in a community newsletter or even nominate them for an award. At LifeBridge Health, we love to share stories about our colleagues who CARE BRAVELY.


5. Offer Words of Encouragement

Never underestimate the power of a friendly word or a smile. Just telling a nurse, “Hey, you’re doing a fantastic job!” is a simple way to acknowledge the hard work they do every day.


6. Support Their Career Growth

If the nurse you’re thanking is a colleague or someone you manage, help them grow professionally. Maybe offer to help them find training programs or support their attendance at a conference. It’s a meaningful way to appreciate them that says you care about their career as much as they do.


7. Listen

Sometimes, the best way to support someone is just by being there. Nurses often carry around a lot of emotional weight from their jobs. Sitting down, listening and showing that you understand can mean the world.



If you've been inspired by a nurse who embodies the spirit of CARE BRAVELY, we would love to hear from you. Share your stories with us by emailing