A Diversity Message from Neil Meltzer, President and CEO, and Dr. Sybil Pentsil, Chief Diversity Officer – April 2024


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Happy April! Thank you to all our team members for everything you do every day on all our campuses to make LifeBridge Health a safe and welcoming place for all. We are a diverse team that celebrates our individual uniqueness while working collaboratively to care for patients, the community and each other. Keep reading to learn about some of this month's observances and how you can continue supporting our communities.


Autism Awareness Month
This recognition raises awareness about autism acceptance and promotes inclusion and connectedness for people with autism. Social and community support can help people with autism achieve optimal health and reach their full potential.


Celebrate Diversity Month
April is Celebrate Diversity Month, a celebration that was initiated in 2004 to recognize and honor the diversity surrounding us all. By celebrating differences and similarities during this month, organizers hope that people will gain a deeper understanding of each other.


Earth Month
April is Earth Month, a time to celebrate our planet and take action to protect it. Earth Day, which is celebrated annually on April 22nd, is the largest civic event in the world, with over a billion people participating each year.


National Child Abuse Prevention Month
National Child Abuse Prevention Month recognizes the importance of families and communities working together to prevent child abuse and neglect. Prevention services and supports developed by this collaboration can help parents, other caregivers, and communities protect children and strengthen families.


National Volunteer Month
National Volunteer month in the United States takes place in the month of April. This month is dedicated to honoring all of the volunteers in our communities as well as encouraging volunteerism throughout the month.


World Autism Awareness Day (4/02)
April 2 is internationally recognized as World Autism Day, dedicated to increasing awareness, acceptance and support for autism. Autistic people have made tremendous contributions to arts, science, history and culture, yet still face many barriers and forms of discrimination. World Autism Day draws attention to the voices of autistic people themselves, serving as an opportunity for all to listen and learn.


World Health Day (4/07)
Every April 7, the World Health Organization chooses to highlight a special theme current in the wellness and medical world. Ranging from mental health to insurance and everything in between, this day sets the tone for what’s to come in the world stage.


Eid-al-Fitr/End of Ramadan (4/09)
Ramadan, which began on March 10 and will continue through April 9, is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. For followers of Islam, this month is believed to be the period during which the Holy Quran was revealed to the prophet Mohammed. Fasting – one of the five pillars of Islam – will be practiced by Muslims from dawn to sunset throughout the duration of Ramadan, ending with Eid al-Fitr, or “The Breaking of the Fast” on April 9. We wish a fulfilling Ramadan to all of our Muslim team members and patients.


National Day of Silence (4/12)
Observed on April 12, Day of Silence is a national observance and demonstration against bullying of LGBTQIA+ students within the education system. LGBTQIA+ students face increased risk of bullying and harassment. Students across the nation will take a vow of silence throughout the school day before staging rallies to raise awareness and support for the many LGBTQIA+ students who are victims of bullying.


Start of Ridvan (Baha’i) (4/21)
The Festival of Ridván is observed according to the Bahá’í calendar and begins on the thirty-second day of the Bahá’í year, which falls on 20 or 21 April. The festival properly starts at two hours before sunset on that day, which symbolizes the time that Bahá’u’lláh entered the garden.


Earth Day (4/22)
Celebrate the 54th annual celebration of Earth Day by attending neighborhood or beach cleanups, planting a tree or even helping to lead some type of recycling effort in your workplace.


Passover (4/22-4/30)
Passover or Pesach celebrates the freeing of enslaved Israelis. It is also known as the Festival of Unleavened Bread as Matzo or Matzah is eaten during Seder dinner.


Calls to Action
REFLECT: Consider why diversity of religious beliefs is important in the healthcare industry.
RECOGNIZE: Look out for times when perspectives on religion could impact attitudes and behaviors in the workplace positively or negatively.
RESPOND: Demonstrate interest in a team member or patient who has different religious beliefs from you.