Celebrating Women’s Health Month With Insights and Advice From LifeBridge Health Experts


Closeup shot of an unrecognizable female doctor holding a patient's hand in comfort during a consultation inside her office

This May, LifeBridge Health is thrilled to bring you a special lineup of articles tackling the health challenges women face throughout their lives. Whether it’s tips on managing your health and wellness, disease or navigating the latest in maternity care, our experts have you covered.


Heart Health

Heart Disease Affects Women, Too

Discover the critical aspects of heart disease in women, debunk common myths and gather essential health tips to protect your heart.


Stress from Work, Home Can Harm Women’s Hearts. Here’s What To Do.

Learn practical strategies to manage stress and safeguard your heart health amid work and home life demands.


Breast Care

Keep Up With the Latest Breast Care Recommendations

Stay updated with the most recent guidelines and recommendations for breast care to ensure early detection and effective treatment.


Making an Impact With Inclusive Breast Care

Learn how LifeBridge Health is broadening its approach to breast care to embrace and support all women.


Easing Anxiousness With Experienced Breast Care

Find comfort and confidence in the expertise of our breast care specialists, who provide compassionate care and support.


Pregnancy and Maternity Care

Weight, Nutrition and Exercise in Pregnancy

Ease your mind with insights on weight gain, food choices and exercise safety during pregnancy.


Eight Tips for Breastfeeding Success

Gain practical advice to make the early days of breastfeeding smoother and more fulfilling for you and your baby.


Whoa, Baby! Advances in Maternity Care at LifeBridge Health

Learn about the latest advancements in maternity care that are making childbirth safer and more comfortable at LifeBridge Health facilities.  


Massage and Pregnancy

Read about the symptoms a massage can help alleviate during pregnancy.  


Stats Reveal State of Pregnancy and Heart Health

Explore the latest statistics on how pregnancy can impact heart health, providing key insights for expectant mothers.


Special Health Considerations

National Women’s Health Week: May 9 to 15

Review a list of five common health issues women may face and tips for what to do when symptoms present themselves.


PCOS: Why Misconceptions About Weight Can Delay Diagnosis in Women for Years

Address the common myths surrounding Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and understand why a correct diagnosis can be delayed.


Young Women

Tips For Your Teen’s First OB/GYN Visit

Prepare your teenager for their first OB/GYN appointment with helpful tips that can ease anxiety and set the stage for lifelong health awareness.  


PCOS Tricky To Diagnose in Adolescents

Dive into the challenges of diagnosing PCOS in teenagers and what signs to look out for.  



While staying informed is crucial, the true strength in managing your health comes from actively engaging with healthcare professionals who understand your individual needs. LifeBridge Health encourages every woman to take these insights and discuss them with their primary care provider to tailor a health plan that best supports their wellness journey. If you’re looking for a new primary care provider, meet ours here!