Celebrating Patient Safety Awareness Week: “Safer Together” at LifeBridge Health


Young physician holding an older patient's hands

Mark your calendars for a mission-critical journey! From March 10 to 16, healthcare systems around the world are observing Patient Safety Awareness Week, a period dedicated to understanding and advancing patient safety throughout healthcare spaces. This year, LifeBridge Health proudly joins the Center for Patient Safety to embrace the theme "Safer Together," reflecting our dedication to creating the safest environments for patient care.


As part of our continued commitment to patient safety, during Patient Safety Awareness Week, LifeBridge Health is providing team members with new resources and educational opportunities, as well as hosting awareness fairs throughout the week at our facilities.


Award-Winning Care
At LifeBridge Health, patient safety is at the core of our mission. We believe that by working collaboratively, we can achieve the highest standards of safety and care. This belief is exemplified by our recent recognition at the Maryland Patient Safety Center's Minogue Awards, where LifeBridge Health facilities were honored with four Circle of Honor Awards for innovative safety and quality solutions:

  • Sinai Hospital: An evidence-based approach for hospital-acquired pressure injury (HAPI) reduction in the emergency department
  • Sinai Hospital: Interdisciplinary collaboration to reduce surgical site infections after cesarean delivery
  • Sinai Hospital & Northwest Hospital: Hands-on quality improvement with No Room for Hiccups
  • Carroll Hospital: Implementing a collaborative initiative to improve the quality of care for maternal patients presenting to the emergency department

These awards, named after the center’s first president and executive director, William Minogue, M.D., FACP, underscore our dedication to patient safety innovation and achievement. All Circle of Honor winners will share their findings at the Maryland Patient Safety Center’s annual conference, further contributing to the wealth of knowledge in patient safety best practices.


To learn more about LifeBridge Health’s award-winning care, click here.


Exceptional Caregivers
In addition to these events and awards, we want to highlight stories of our staff embodying our CARE BRAVELY philosophy:

  • At Samuelson Children’s Hospital, a family expressed profound gratitude for the compassionate care provided during their child's type 1 diabetes diagnosis. The Emergency Department team, nursing staff and Child Life specialists, including Lilly Metzger, Tara Driscoll and Dr. Aziza Shad, were commended for their exceptional support and kindness.
  • At Carroll Hospital, Tyler Ridge from the marketing office exemplified our values by assisting an elderly mother and her daughter while they waited for transportation after a canceled appointment. Tyler's actions reflect the caring spirit of LifeBridge Health, going above and beyond to ensure the comfort and well-being of our patients and their families.
  • Karen Jarrell's dedication at Sinai & Grace Medical Center showcases how our staff members are always ready to tackle challenges. Karen's swift actions in arranging for an oxygen tank delivery, negotiating with an assisted living facility and ensuring a diabetic patient received necessary supplies are just a few examples of her commitment to patient care.

These stories and the people behind them are testaments to the culture of safety and compassion at LifeBridge Health. We invite you to join us in celebrating Patient Safety Awareness Week by sharing your own experiences of how we are "Safer Together" here or by emailing us at lbhstories@lifebridgehealth.org.


Let's celebrate our achievements and continue to work towards a future where every healthcare experience is a safe one.