A Message from Our President and CEO, Neil Meltzer

October 9, 2023 in Blog Posts

Dear LifeBridge Health Team Members,

Sirens rang out across Israel again today, echoed by the sounds of rockets fired into civilian areas and the pleading of captured hostages on endless videos. We join the world in the shock, sadness and horror over the militant attacks from Hamas this weekend that have killed hundreds of civilians with dozens more taken hostage – including mothers, children and the elderly. This brutal terrorist attack has been described as Israel’s 9/11.

Although a conflict that is half a world away, we are all human beings who see the horror of innocent lives lost. As a LifeBridge Health family with deep roots in the Jewish community and a mission to care for this and all the communities we serve, this attack is deeply personal and devastating. As many of our team members have family and friends living in Israel, we ask that you be there for your colleagues who need support and understanding.

With a call center based in Israel, we have more than a dozen of our own LifeBridge Health team members under threat and at direct risk, with several of these team members in Tel Aviv – a target of ongoing rocket fire. We confirmed that those team members are safe and we will continue to stay in touch and support them as best we can.

With Sinai Hospital and Levindale as LifeBridge Health’s oldest facilities, we are an organization founded out of religious and ethnic persecution abroad and at home with deep connections in the Jewish communities of Baltimore and elsewhere.

I am proud to work alongside you all, as I know each of you is dedicated to one another and the communities we serve. You all truly embody what it means to CARE BRAVELY, and I am consoled knowing you will continue to do so for each other in the face of adversity.

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Neil M. Meltzer
President & Chief Executive Officer
LifeBridge Health