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Nursing Students at LifeBridge HealthDear Students, Instructors, Faculty, and Site Coordinators,

Welcome to LifeBridge Health! We are proud and pleased to welcome you to our facilities. We hope to provide you with a dynamic and supportive learning environment so that you can make the most of your clinical learning opportunity in our facilities.

Whether you are in our teaching hospital at Sinai, our award-winning community hospital at Northwest, or our wonderful and progressive long-term care facility at Levindale, we know that you will learn valuable skills and enjoy working with our knowledgeable and experienced staff. You will be using state-of-the art technology and see cutting-edge therapies while caring for patients and families with a wide variety of illnesses or conditions. You will have the opportunity to interact with staff and visitors from all walks of life and from countries around the globe.

We encourage you to make the most of your experience at LifeBridge Health. Ask questions! Meet the team members! Seek opportunities to make a difference! Come prepared and ready to contribute to your own learning. Take the opportunity to practice your assessment, communication, and leadership skills under the guidance and direction of experienced instructors and preceptors.

Again, we welcome you and are honored to play a role in your success as a student and a future health care provider. Above all; be safe, enjoy, and please let us know how we can help you reach your learning goals.

All the Best,
Leadership and Staff at LifeBridge Health

For New Students: Before You Arrive
Women and Children’s Services Rotation at Sinai Hospital
Information for Clinical Coordinators
Information on Computer Training
Pre-clincial Rotation Checklist
LifeBridge Health Contacts for Clinical Rotations


For New Students: Before You Arrive

Nursing Students at LifeBridge HealthIf you are about to begin a clinical rotation at Sinai Hospital, Northwest Hospital, or Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital, there are a number of things you need to be aware of. The first thing to do is to review the below orientation manual (please read all pages; do not skip any material).

LifeBridge Health Student Nurse Orientation Manual In PDF format.

Instructors and students, it is required that you completely read through general information in the LifeBridge Health Nursing Student Orientation Manual (pages 1-20). In addition, you are required to read the facility specific (Sinai, Northwest, and/or Levindale) information for each facility in which you will be experiencing a clinical rotation.


Women and Children’s Services Rotation at Sinai Hospital

Nursing Students at LifeBridge Health Nursing students and instructors who have a clinical rotation on Mother/Baby, Pediatrics, NICU, PICU and /or Labor & Delivery units must review the Sinai Infant and Child Security - What You Need to Know and complete the post-test on an annual basis. Follow the link at the bottom of this page to access this presentation. The certificate of completion MUST be handed into the Education Resource Center (ERC) office for each student and instructor prior to receiving the Badge Form. Anyone who has not completed the post-test will not be allowed on the unit. PLEASE NOTE: Site Coordinators/Instructors who perform site visits for the practicum students must complete the security test as well.

Anyone entering into Women’s and Children’s Services (Blaustein Building) must wear the student or faculty badge from their college or university. This badge must be a photo ID. Name tags are not acceptable, the ID must have the picture on it and it must be in plain sight. Students or instructors not displaying a photo ID will be asked to leave the unit. Students and instructors should not cover their photo ID badge with the badges given to them at the security desk. Both badges must be worn at shoulder level with the photo clearly visible.

Please email Kara Ward at if you have any questions. Thank you!


Sinai Infant and Child Security - What You Need to Know In PowerPoint  format.


Information for Clinical Coordinators

Affiliation Agreements

LifeBridge Health uses a standardized affiliation agreement when working with our school partners. The agreement outlines specific school and hospital rights and responsibilities, describes insurance and oversight expectations, and details required elements that must be in place for students to participate in clinical experiences at our sites (immunizations, safety and infection education, background checks, etc).

Beginning in 2010, the LifeBridge Health agreement is “evergreen”, meaning that once fully completed, the agreement will remain in place until one or both parties decide to terminate the relationship. To note, each of the LifeBridge Health sites requires a separate agreement, as each is a separate entity within the LifeBridge Health system. Questions regarding content within the agreement can be directed to coordinator at each clinical site.

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Information on Computer Training

Nursing Students at LifeBridge HealthAll clinical groups, instructors, and practicum students are required to take a computer class before their clinical rotation starts if they are going to be documenting in the patient record or administering medications during the rotation.

This is an online course. Students and new instructors must complete the online modules and competency, printing the certificate of completion at the end. Students are to turn this completion certificate into their clinical instructor. New instructors and students must complete the computer-based orientation, to be awarded access to the electronic medical record.

Online Modules for Students and Instructors:

Click here to view the Online Modules


Pre-clincial Rotation Checklist

Passport Packet

Nursing Students at LifeBridge Health Clinical Coordinators must verify necessary documentation needed for each student and instructor by completing the Nursing Student Passport. This form is to verify that students (and instructors have the necessary immunizations, drug screening, background check.

Nursing Student Passport Form In PDF format. to be completed and emailed to 10 days prior to clinical start.

Nursing Student Passport to be completed by clinical coordinator or instructor.

Clinical Coordinators

For each clinical group please send the following information together in one email. Please make sure all forms are accurate, all sections are complete, and legible. They should be completed according to the LifeBridge Health Student Orientation Manual.

PASSPORT PACKET for each clinical group includes:

  1. Copy of each Instructor or Student's LifeBridge ID if an employee of LifeBridge
  2. Copy of each Student's and Instructor's School ID
  3. 2018-2019 Orientation Manual Confirmation Page- one for every student and instructor
    Please note this confirmation page is located in the Orientation Manual- it needs to be printed and then signed by students and instructor
  4. 2018-2019 Badge Form Required for each student and instructor unless they are an employee
  5. 2018-2019 Parking Form- one for every student and instructor
    Sinai & Levindale Clinical groups only, not required for employees
  6. Certificate of completion of Cerner on-line Program- one for every student and instructor that needs patient chart access
  7. Certificate of completion for Blaustein Security Module- one for every student and instructor 
    Only required if students will be rotating through Women's and Children's Services at Sinai 

Email all information at least 10 days before the start of clinical rotation to with Clinical Site name in subject line. If paperwork is not received at least 10 days before start, clinical start will be delayed until paperwork is completed.

Once each groups' paperwork is processed, facility will be following their own process for badging and starting of clinical rotation. Please refer to the Student Orientation Manual for each facilities' process for badging process and starting of clinical. 

Practicum Students- must follow the process as outlined above
All practicum students will be partnered with a preceptor and will need ERC approval. Once the student is paired with a preceptor all required paperwork must be completed and turned in before starting any hours.

LifeBridge Health Contacts for Clinical Rotations

LifeBridge Health Sinai Contacts for Clinical Rotations

Cathy Case, RN-BC, MSN, CPAN, CDE
Team Leader Education
Resource Center at Sinai
410-601-6740 |

Kara Ward, RN, MS, CPN
Nurse Outcome Educator
Women’s & Children’s Security Information
410-601-8713 |

Leslie Welfeld, RN, BSN
Senior Clinical Informatics Specialist
Clinical IT Learning and Adoption
410-496-7117 |

LifeBridge Health Northwest Contacts for Clinical Rotations

Sarah Inman
Clinical Practice Education Specialist/
Academic Affiliation Coordinator
410-521-5827 |

Leslie Welfeld, RN, BSN
Senior Clinical Informatics Specialist
Clinical IT Learning and Adoption
410-496-7117 |

LifeBridge Health Levindale Contacts for Clinical Rotations

Felecia I. West, RN MSN
Clinical Excellence Manager
Academic Affiliation Coordinator
410-601-9286 |

Jonathan Karanja
Clinical Systems Coordinator and Informaticistt
443-487-7908 |

Leslie Welfeld, RN, BSN
Clinical IT-Learning & Adoption Education Specialist
410-496-7117 |

Akeem Newman
Human Resources Onboarding Specialist
410-601-0642 |

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